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Cactus Care Sheet

General Care Info:
Cacti is, in general, a pretty broad term. But, if you've purchased a cactus from my shop, it most likely originated from the South American region. Some come from other locales. What they do have in common is that they are not desert cactus and do appreciate a fair amount of water in the growing season. These cacti prefer a well-draining soil mix
 with a balanced NPK. My friend and I at Simply Organic Soil have conjured up a nice mix that I believe most cacti we distribute at Moontime will appreciate. A typical mix would be 50/50 soil to drainage material (perlite, pumice, rice hulls, etc.). It all depends on your environment. For example, if it get very hot and humid in your region during summer, you might do 60-70% drainage material, instead. Only water when the the soil has completely dried out to avoid root rot. I like to alternate nutrient feedings with microbe feedings. I will run a lot of compost teas during the summer to keep the roots healthy. You will want to repot with new soil annually. They can take full sun, but will need to be acclimated slowly. But, they can also live inside in a windowsill (just don't feed as much). Feed based on the amount of light and heat the cactus is exposed to. I am available most days for advice so just let me know if you have any questions! Look to the website forum for my compost tea recipe. I have found that a balanced mix of balanced hydroponic feeds with microbial inoculations give the best results. 

Cuttings that have not been rooted should be placed in either dry soil or 100% perlite or pumice until you see root nubs. Slowly introduce water (with microbes if possible).

For those who live in areas that drop below 32 degrees F in the winter, the cacti will need to be brought indoors. Most will enter dormancy until the end of Fall and can be brought into a garage or similar area that can maintain temps between 35 and 55 degrees until Spring. Water is not necessary while dormant.If you go this route, you will need to slowly introduce sunlight when you move your cacti out of the garage. Other options include using grow lights or greenhouse growing.

Do not ever treat with oil-based insecticides (Neem oil, etc.) this will cause burns when exposed to sunlight, even if applied at night. I have found most insects can be controlled with organic spinosad and/or beneficial insects.
Again! Any questions don't hesitate to message me. Thank You!


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